When I tell people that Omaha is one of my favorite places to visit, they look at me so strange. Because, obviously all that Nebraska has is land and corn, right?! 

anyway. i’ve been blessed enough to see Omaha in the middle of winter and the middle of a hot summer. I fell in love instantly. Granted my opinion is stated on staying within the downtown area and the riverside but its just beautiful. I love how vintage it feels. Every area holds something beautiful. And not to mention, the people there are so nice. I love Starbucks, but I love that theyre not everywhere in downtown Omaha and it makes you go into Scooters, and fall in love with that also.

I can stay there all day and just take it all in. The Old Market, the Joslyn Art Museum and of course that CASTLE, ugh.

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    I used to live in California and when told everyone I was moving back to Omaha… Oh lord. The children of the corn jokes...
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    Joslyn Castle! It’s off like 40th and Davenport. Also if you’re in Omaha you should DEFINITELY be going to Scooters...
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